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Chip’n Dipped in Huntington debuts cookie mash-up

The sandwich-cookie-within-a-chocolate-chip cookie is a new item at

The sandwich-cookie-within-a-chocolate-chip cookie is a new item at Chip'n Dipped in Huntington, June 12, 2014. Credit: Peter Goldfarb

It’s been a little over a year since the invention of the doughnut-shaped fried croissant dubbed Cronut by Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo. Since then, bakers have been falling over themselves mashing up doughnuts, croissants and whatever other pastries seem to be lying about. (A tasty recent local entry: the Crannoli at Sweet Surrender Bake House in Levittown.)

But no one has been paying much attention to the cookie. Until now.

Thursday morning Peter Goldfarb, owner of Chip’n Dipped, got to work earlier than usual. His mother, who usually supervises cookie production at the Huntington Village bakery-chocolatier-coffee shop, was running late. Goldfarb had a little down time and saw, in his Facebook feed, a photo of a chocolate-chip cookie that appeared to have an Oreo embedded in it.

Chip’n Dipped doesn’t stock Oreos; the Goldfarbs use Joe-Joe’s, Trader Joe's version that have a much shorter list of ingredients. Goldfarb managed to insert a Joe-Joe inside a wad of his excellent chocolate-chip-cookie dough, baked it off and, ta-dah! Thus was born the .?.?. the .?.?.

Well, Chip’n Dipped hasn’t actually named the cookie yet. When pressed, Goldfarb offered “chocolate chip sandwich cookie,” but that hardly trips off the tongue. Surely we can do better:

Chip-eo? Du-ookie? Cookie-borg? Chip-sphinx? Feel free to chime in the comments field below.

The .?.?. whatever it’s called .?.?. measures about 4 inches across and sells for $2.25 at Chip’n Dipped, 342 New York Ave., Huntington, 631-470-2579.