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Chocolate Lady

Long Island's newest chocolatier is Lee Perrotta, Oyster Bay's Chocolate Lady. Perrotta opened her tiny 425-square-foot store in October 2008, although the former marketing executive had been making chocolate - and teaching chocolate classes - for years.

Perrotta makes a number of exquisite confections. She recommends her dramatic chocolate-blood-orange cordials ($30 a pound) and "rose" creams made with rose water from organic roses ($40 a pound). She hand-dips organic strawberries and raspberries and also makes a terrific hot chocolate ($2.50 for a 6-ounce cup), which you can sip in the store or buy a beautifully packaged mix to prepare at home ($14.99 to make more than a quart).

Perrotta's goal is "to have something for everyone," and so, in addition to high-end chocolates, her store is filled to the rafters with 10-cent kisses, chocolate crayons and Pop Rocks, Nestlé Crunch-scented lip balm as well as her own elaborate chocolate sculptures. 

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