Good Morning
Good Morning

CJ's Allegro

WHY GO HERE? As the only bar and restaurant in town to stay open year-round, the scene here in the winter is limited, as only locals — and there aren’t many of those — will arrive to grab a burger, appetizers or wings along with a beer or two. But that crowd ends up making room in the summer for the seasonal residents, as well as the hundreds of younger faces who inundate the community on weekend nights from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

LAYOUT: Cozy in the off-season to cramped during summer nights, the square room is filled by a rectangular bar with three serving sides and a number of small tables; little to no standing room.

THE CROWD In the summer, the scene is swamped by the frenzied ferried masses of 21- to 30-year-olds who will fill this place and wait on line outside to get in.

EXTRAS Darts, three TVs.

BOOZE As expected, Fire Island rates are often higher, so expect to pay an average of $4-$10 for the usual full bar (beer, shots, mixed drinks) choices. This is also the “Home of the Rocket Fuel” — a powerful alcoholic beverage based around high-proof rum.

FOOD: Burgers, wings, sandwiches and appetizers under $10.

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