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Closed: Greek Captain, Huntington Sta.

Closed: Greek Captain, Huntington Station

Closed: Greek Captain, Huntington Station Credit: Newsday, 2011 / Joan Reminick

Sad to report that Greek Captain, a diminutive seafood restaurant in Huntington Station, has sailed off the dining map.

The ultracasual spot opened in 2008, receiving a star and a half in review that began: “Rarely have I encountered a more eccentric restaurant than this boat-in-a-bottle-size place.”

On a recent drive-by, I saw a man with his face pressed up against the window. Perhaps he had come by for a plate of the restaurant’s smoky, tender barbecued octopus. Or its well-spiced crab-intense crab cakes. All I can say is he left unfulfilled.

What kind of operation will move into that tiny space that originally housed a Starbucks? I’m voting for a hot dog joint. Or an artisanal pizza spot. What would you like to see?

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