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Closed in Bay Shore: Yesterday's Cafe

"Burrito and eye" at Yesterday's Cafe in Bay

"Burrito and eye" at Yesterday's Cafe in Bay Shore. As May 8, 2011, the cafe is closed. Credit: Joan Reminick, June 2010

The first time I ate Yesterday’s Cafe in Bay Shore was last June, shortly after the nostalgia-themed place opened. That visit was a promising one. The second time around, though, my experience was a lot less positive.

Even so, I decided to give the place a third try after a reader called to extol the virtues of the homestyle cooking. When I got there, it was only  to find a "closed" sign in the window. For keeps? Sadly, yes, I found out from a waitress at a nearby dining spot.

New restaurants have an admittedly hard time making a go of it. A chef has to give his or her all and keep on delivering. If not, today’s fresh hopeful can easily become yesterday’s cafe.

Photo: a very good breakfast burrito at Yesterday's Cafe.

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