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Closed in Calverton: Cinco de Mayo

Tacos -- from left, pastor (pineapple-seasoned pork), pollo

Tacos -- from left, pastor (pineapple-seasoned pork), pollo (chicken) and chorizo (sausage) -- served at Cinco de Mayo in Calverton. Credit: Randee Daddona

The authenticity quotient ran high at Cinco de Mayo, a Calverton Mexican restaurant on Middle Country Road that served pig’s ear, tripe and tongue tacos — on house-made soft corn tortillas, no less. The restaurant earned a place on Newsday's Top 100 restaurants of  2014. Now, it is shuttered.

Cinco de Mayo opened in late 2012 and was included as one of the top 10 Cheap Eats picks of 2013, thanks to the culinary skill of its chef, Refugio Iglesias. It may be a long time before I taste comparably fluffy and light chicken enchiladas.

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