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Closed in Long Beach: Duke Falcon's Global Grill

A man walks with his dogs past the

A man walks with his dogs past the Duke Falcon's Global Grill in Long Beach on June 18, 2010. Credit: Jin Lee

Long Beach has bid farewell, adieu, adios and addio to Duke Falcon’s Global Grill, a place that’s been a fixture on East Park Avenue since 1997.

When it opened, a legend printed on the back of its international menu alluded to Duke Falcon — a fictional character —  as the world-wandering lover of somebody's Aunt Angelica, a man in a brown fedora who sent his sweetheart all sorts of travel memorabilia and regaled her with descriptions of meals “from Tibet to Tombouctou.”

The place, which offered some sidewalk dining, featured such wide-ranging choices as Szechuan beef and wild mushroom soft tacos, fettuccine with shrimp and vegetables and a New Orleans shrimp etouffe.