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Closed: Tasca Convivio, Mineola

The Tasca Convivio Chop House in Mineola is

The Tasca Convivio Chop House in Mineola is known for its octopus salad. (July 2, 2010) Credit: Photo by Jacqueline Connor

So sad to be reporting that Tasca Convivo Chophouse, a promising new Portuguese restaurant in Mineola that received a two and a half star rating, didn't make it through its first year. In fact, it barely made six months.

Here was a place that had so much going for it: warm, welcoming owners as well as a knowledgeable chef, Kathryn Kane, who cooked as though she' d been born in Portugal (she hadn't).

Fondly remembered: the lemony octopus salad and the amazing Franceshina sandwich: roasted brisket, ham, spicy Portuguese sausage and cheese on grill-pressed multigrain bread with a sunny-side-up egg and spicy beer-based "drunken" sauce.

Why did the place go dark so early when so much seemed to be going right. Wish I knew.

Octopus salad at the former Tasca Convivio Chophouse

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