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Clueless on Long Island? Get Gordon Ramsay

Many restaurants, in today's savage economy, are finding a fine line between sink and swim.  Holding out the hand of rescue is chef Gordon Ramsay of Fox TV’s “Kitchen Nightmares.”

But there's a catch. Anyone who has watched the show knows that for a restaurant to accept help is also to expose itself to Ramsay’s rapier-tongued tirades. And nationwide scrutiny. Which may present a problem.

Right now, "Kitchen Nightmares" is doing a casting search for restaurants in need of a makeover. So, if you know of any places in danger of going under (or if you, yourself, fall into that category), dash off an e-mail to Include the name and address of the restaurant in need, the kind of cuisine served, how many seats the place has, how long it has been open as well as any photos or website info. Most crucially, tell why the help is needed.

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