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Coffee creamer, now with actual cream

Natural Bliss from Coffee-mate is a coffee creamer

Natural Bliss from Coffee-mate is a coffee creamer made from real milk. (Feb. 17, 2013) Credit: Newsday/Erica Marcus

Well now I’ve seen everything. This weekend I came across Nestlé Coffe-mate Natural Bliss, a “creamer” made with ... wait for it ... milk and cream.

Fairway was carrying two flavors, Vanilla (“Indulge yourself with the rich, natural flavor of Natural Bliss Vanilla. Made with only four natural ingredients [nonfat milk, heavy cream, sugar, natural flavor], it’s as delicious as it is smooth”) and Sweet Cream (“There’s cream ... then there’s Natural Bliss Sweet Cream. Made with only milk, cream and sugar, it makes a great cup of coffee go down smooth”).

Natural Bliss was on sale for $5.09 a quart, or more than three times the price of milk, twice the price of half & half, 50 percent more than light cream.

Who exactly is the intended buyer for Natural Bliss? Someone who feels that milk is too cheap? Someone who finds it too taxing to put a spoonful of sugar into his coffee? Someone who wants to put even more money into the pockets of Nestlé, the world’s richest food company?

I didn’t see it on the shelf, but Natural Bliss also comes in a low-fat chocolate iteration. “Your perfectly balanced cup just got slimmer! Enjoy this all-natural real dairy & delicious subtle chocolate flavor.” I am not surprised that the chocolate flavor is subtle, since the mixture contains no chocolate, only “natural flavors.”


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