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Craigslist ads of the day

Portrait of Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi by Giovanni

Portrait of Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi by Giovanni Boldini Credit: AP Photo

OK, pointing out spelling mistakes on Craigslist is like shooting fish in a barrel, but today I found three ads for the same job that could not even agree on how to spell the name of the restaurant in question.

First, we have

guiseppes pizza (huntington station), “looking for pizza maker/prep cook; counter person must be exp 5 years or more ,contact joe at 879-5040.” Compensation? “WII DICUSE.”

Listed directly underneath we find

pizzaria juseppi (huntington), where “pizza man wanted 5 years exper call joe 8795040.” Compensation? “will discuse.”

And then, oh dear, a ways down the page, is an ad for, guess what?

Guessipes pizza (Hunington Station), “Looking for pizza man 3+ years experience, counter person .?.?. alSo looking prep cook call Joe 879-5040.” Interestingly, however, compensation is “Will discuss.”

If these ads are for Guiseppe’s Pizza at 1727 New York Ave. in Huntington Station, it’s worth noting that the name, Joseph in Italian, is usually spelled Giuseppe — as in Uncle Giuseppe’s Market, Giuseppi Verdi, Festa di San Giuseppe.

Giuseppi Verdi by Giovanni Boldini (that’s Giovanni, not Goivanni, Jovanni, Goevanni ...)

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