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Crazy milkshakes on Long Island

Milkshakes have gone wild on Long Island, crowned with cotton candy, doughnuts, lollipops, mini cupcakes — or all of the above. Glasses might be banded with sprinkles or dusted with graham cracker crumbs. It all makes for a picture-perfect shake primed more for social media feeds than eating. Almost.

Candy Crush at Brixx & Barley

The "Candy Crush" shake--one of Brixx & Barley's
Credit: Nicole Horton

Candy Crush at Brixx & Barley (152 W. Park Ave., Long Beach): Brixx & Barley’s extra-tall shake is a sugar rush of birthday cake ice cream trimmed with rainbow sprinkles, mini cupcakes, cotton candy and a huge lollipop. It comes in glass covered with mini M+Ms. More info: 516-544-4511,

The Queen at Manny’s Sweet Treats

"The Queen" with vanilla milkshake topped with cotton
Credit: Yvonne Albinowski

The Queen at Manny’s Sweet Treats (156 Jericho Tpke., Mineola): Manny’s Sweet Treats’ concoction is a showstopper, arriving with pastel tufts of cotton candy, a lollipop and rock candy stick. More info: 516-299-8099,

The Campfire at Burgerology

The Campfire, vanilla ice cream, graham cracker, chocolate
Credit: Marisol Diaz

The Campfire at Burgerology (226 Merrick Rd., Rockville Centre): A frozen s’more in a glass, Burgerology’s take on the summer classic involves vanilla ice cream in a graham cracker-coated glass, topped with toasted marshmallows. 
More info: 516-600-9720,

The Italian Stallion at New York Burger Bar

The Italian Stallion, $15, is New York Burger
Credit: Richard Bedrosian

The Italian Stallion at New York Burger Bar (4225 Merrick Rd., Massapequa): New York Burger Bar’s pastry-laden vanilla shake has butter cookies stuck on its rim, a cannoli resting atop a dollop of whipped cream and bite-size pieces of classic Italian rainbow cookies. More info: 516-799-9199,

Strawberry Shortcake at GM Burger Bar

June 15, 2017- The Strawberry Shortcake extreme milkshake
Credit: Newsday/Jim Baumbach

Strawberry Shortcake at GM Burger Bar, Multiple locations: GM Burger Bar in Massapequa Park (4902 Merrick Rd.) and Rockville Centre (209 N. Long Beach Rd.) offers a handful of specialty shakes served straight up or spiked. This one’s vanilla blended with strawberries in a sprinkle-rimmed glass topped with more fruit, whipped cream and a slice of pound cake to boot. The “Kooky Cookie Dough” (pictured, left) is served with straw-plugging chunks of cookie dough in a glass crusted with miniature chocolate chips and crowned with a homemade cookie sandwich. More info:

Tie-dye milkshakes at Diner by the Sea

A tie-dye cookies and cream shake, topped with
Credit: Nicole Horton

Tie-dye milkshakes at Diner by the Sea(260 E. Park Ave., Long Beach): No two shakes are ever exactly the same at the Diner by the Sea in Long Beach. The base flavors range from Twinkie to tiramisu, but the real fun comes in the splashes of neon syrup that line the inside of the glass. Expect lots of whipped cream, perhaps dusted with colored sugar, topped with a trinket toy. More info: 516-431-2233

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