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Cucina di Vargas: Italian family-style in Hewlett

Clams casino and chicken limone at Cucina di

Clams casino and chicken limone at Cucina di Vargas in Hewlett Credit: Handout

New to Hewlett is Cucina di Vargas, a family-style restaurant that’s run by a family. The owner of the place is Erica Vargas, the manager, her brother, Danny Vargas. The chef is their father, Narciso Vargas, who was the original chef at the former Matteo's in Hewlett.

Portions here are geared to large parties, with full orders serving 3 to 4 people and half orders meant for 2. On the menu: clams casino ($10.95 half, $19.95 full), chopped Italian salad ($8.95 half, $14.95 full), pasta Bolognese ($11.95 half, $21.95 full), chicken limone ($17.95 half, $28.95 full) and shrimp scampi ($20.95 half, $27.95 full).

Cucina di Vargas is at 12 Franklin Ave., Hewlett, 516-596-7260.

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