WHAT'S BAKING: Nearly 80 varieties of cupcakes, many studded inside and out with different candies (from Chunky bars to Whoppers), and some even baked in waffle cones. Owner Amy Brady says men prefer the peanut-butter chocolate, though women seem to want red velvet, and children favor "funfetti," a vanilla cupcake topped with a swirl of frosting and dappled with candy confetti. Cupcakes come in three sizes: mini, $1.50; regular, $2.50; jumbo, $3.50.

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ICING ON THE CAKE: With seating for about 20 in a cheery purple-and-green interior and extra-long hours, Cupcake Gourmet invites customers to linger over cupcakes and assorted beverages. They do kids' birthday parties and cordial-stuffed cupcakes for the adult crowd on weekends.

--Reviewed by Rosemary Olander, 11/7/2008