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D'Angelo's Sausage & Pepper House: Fair weather friend

July 11, 2009; Huntington, NY: Victor Jara prepares

July 11, 2009; Huntington, NY: Victor Jara prepares food at Francesco's in Huntington; a family friendly outdoor eatery serving up big portions of classic Italian-American street fare. Credit: Photo by Danielle Finkelstein

If you’re hankering for a hot dog, sausage and pepper sandwich or Philly cheesesteak from D’Angelo’s Sausage & Pepper House in Huntington Station, you'll have to defer gratification a few months.

I found myself in Huntington Station around lunch time this weekend and had a sudden craving for the big, fat garlicky frankfurter D’Angelo’s has become known for. In previous years, the stand had remained open during colder months, thanks to a plastic enclosure warmed by space heaters.

But not this year. A sign advised that the D'Angelo's was closed for the winter and would reopen again come summer. A long time to wait for just the right hot dog.

D'Angelo's Sausage & Pepper House is at 918 E. Jericho Tpke., Huntington Station.

Above: Summer pleasures at D'Angelo's in Huntington Station

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