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Daisho of Japan says sayonara to Huntington

The former Daisho's bacon-wrapped quail eggs juxtaposed the

The former Daisho's bacon-wrapped quail eggs juxtaposed the salty with the creamy-rich. (Oct. 13, 2012) Credit: Adrian J. Fusssell

Daisho of Japan is no longer serving yakitori and ramen in the heart of Huntington. No sushi either. Or anything else. The restaurant has closed, as has the Huntington village branch of Dragon Gate, which had offered Chinese takeout from an entrance around the corner.

When Daisho opened last fall, its yakitori was exceptional, as was its soul-warming ramen soup. The restaurant garnered a two and a half star rating and was among Newsday's Top Ten picks of the year.

But a visit last month showed the restaurant had fallen upon hard times. The place was empty, the service as halfhearted as my ramen soup with eel, which was stingily portioned and wan in flavor.

A call to the affiliated Dragon Gate in Huntington Station elicited the information that rental issues were behind Daisho's closing.