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Dave's Grill

Dave's Grill is one of the most popular restaurants in Montauk. If you have any doubts, start calling the place for a same-day reservation, beginning at 4:30 p.m. Once you arrive, expect a wait, too. But since you're on the waterfront, near the fishing boats, the view will do. Inside, the eatery is on the tight side and the service frequently is rushed. But the food is very good, whether you're drawn to tuna tempura sushi, cornmeal-dusted fried calamari, the crab cocktail, or baked stuffed lobster. The house versions of cioppino, the San Francisco fish stew, are properly prefaced "Dave's," and they're satisfactory. Carnivores can try the marinated and grilled pork chop; vegetarians, the grilled vegetable quesadilla, the tahini hummus plate, and the seven-vegetable spring roll. The "chocolate bag" is the obligatory dessert. Just be patient. 

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