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Doughology announces second doughnut shop, in Babylon

Doughology in Lynbrook specializes in customized doughnuts and

Doughology in Lynbrook specializes in customized doughnuts and will open a second shop in Babylon this spring.  Credit: Newsday/Erica Marcus

Three years after Doughology started making bespoke doughnuts in Lynbrook, owners Chris and Jackie Stiansen have announced that a second shop will open later this year in Babylon.

“We had made a few ‘doughnut drops’ in Suffolk," Jackie said, “and we found there was a lot of interest in what we do. We just fell in love with Babylon because, like Lynbrook, it has a friendly, hometown atmosphere.”

Doughology makes fresh doughnuts throughout the day, right in front of the customers. A Belshaw Donut Robot plops rounds of vanilla or chocolate dough into hot oil, lifts them onto a conveyor belt, flips them to finish cooking and then deposits them onto a rack to cool. At that point, a human intercedes to dip them in glaze (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, peanut butter). Then, the doughnuts work their way down the bar, with the customer choosing one of dozens of dry toppings (nuts, sprinkles, crumbs, Trix, coconut) and then fruits, jams, cheesecake filling, sauces, drizzles, whipped cream, bacon and so on.

You needn’t author your own doughnut at Doughology. The shop sells simple glazed, powdered, sugared and dipped doughnuts ($1.15 to $1.25), 16 “signature” doughnuts (such as crumb cake, Nutella-chocolate crunch or Fruity Pebbles, $2.25) and four all-singing, all-dancing “specialty” doughnuts topped with the likes of rainbow cookies or cannoli (limited availability, $3 to $3.50). There are also waffles, fried Oreos and doughnut nachos.

The new store will be at 80 W. Main St., formerly Karina’s Deli. Jackie hopes to open in late spring.

Doughology is at 45 Atlantic Ave., Lynbrook, 516-341-0882,

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