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Dunkin' Donuts' new doughnut breakfast sandwich is not bad

Dunkin' Donuts new egg and bacon sandwich on

Dunkin' Donuts new egg and bacon sandwich on a glazed doughnut. Photo Credit: Newsday / Joan Reminick

Newly rolled out from Dunkin’ Donuts: an egg and bacon sandwich served on a split glazed doughnut. For real.

A mere hours ago, I was declared the first ever to order one at the East Northport Elwood Shopping Center branch. For which I got a round of high-fives from the cheerful crew behind the counter.

Something of a challenge, shooting a photo with fingers that went sticky the moment I pulled my breakfast out of its bag. Tasting it, I found it to be exactly the sum of its disparate parts: a doughnut whose intense sweetness is barely cut by salty bacon and lightly peppered fried egg. Not half bad. On the other hand, not something I'd seek out.

For those who would, here are the stats: Calories: 360; Cost: $2.99. And some free advice: Be sure to bring a moist towelette and to use it before touching your car keys or iPhone.

Click here for a list of LI Dunkin' Donuts locations.


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