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Good Evening

East Hampton: What all the squawking is about

More ink has been spilled in the name of  Blue Parrot re: new opening, silent partners, boldface clients and crowds. This is about the food. And, of course, the drinks.

For all the mentions of the house's "dirty margarita," this finally is a pretty routine version of the cocktail. The slushy rendition is best left for those considering tequila for the very first time. The BP sangria, however, is winey and to the point. You may have a glass or two before your food arrives.

But the real good news here is that the food has improved in the eatery's latest life. So, everyone who has to wait for one of the first-come, first-serve tables at least have something to enjoy.

You'll be partial to "tres bandidos," an appetizer trio of well-seasoned guacamole, salsa and either queso fundido or chile. All worth a scoop with your tortilla chips. They prepare a satisfying one-pound burrito with your choice of vegetables or meat inside; and better soft tacos with spiced-up chicken. And the grilled striped bass,  thickly cut and moist, improves on all of them.

The look of the joint is appropriately worn, but in sunny hues with splashes of blue. And those old movie posters heralding "Viva Zapata!" and "El Gran Escape" are fun. In a practical move for diners, the local movie times are listed in the dining room.

Blue Parrot, 33A Main St., East Hampton; 631-329-2583.

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