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East Islip: Jackson Hall's very New American

Twinkie strawberry shortcake served at Jackson Hall, East

Twinkie strawberry shortcake served at Jackson Hall, East Islip. (May 2011) Credit: Newsday / Peter Gianotti

This photo shows the cylindrical strawberry shortcake at Jackson Hall American Bar & Grille. You may ask. "Is it like a jelly roll?" No, you're looking at fried Twinkies with strawberry sauce.

Sometimes, a kitchen just gets carried away.

Finish this thing, and they'll probably carry you away, too. But Jackson Hall has no fear of frying. They'll fry almost anything. To cite another example, there's a Cubano spring roll that's basically the ingredients of the Cuban sandwich wrapped up and fried. It's better than the shortcake.

Of course, you'll find fish-and-chips, with fried cod and fried shrimp. Pretty good. And fried calamari as well as fried mozzarella.

For diners not quite ready to go the whole way, try the meaty, Buffalo-style chicken wings and then move onto the meat loaf or the Gorgonzola-crusted filet mignon, maybe with sweet potato fries on the side. For dessert: banana cream pie.

Jackson Hall is at 335 E. Main St., East Islip; 631-277-7100.

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