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East Setauket: Silent lunch at Sushi-Ichi

Ilustration of young man on cell phone. Istock

Ilustration of young man on cell phone. Istock Credit: iSTOCK

How happy was I to read this notice, affixed to the menu at Sushi-Ichi: “NO CELL PHONES. Please respect your fellow customers. Thank you.”

People yakking on their phones at the sushi bar has ruined more than one Japanese meal for me, and I applaud the restaurant’s chef-owner, Ichiro Yamagishi, for enforcing what should be common restaurant etiquette. I was directed to Ichi by Matt Lin, owner of the nearby Setauket Seafood. Lin sells quite a lot of fish to Yamagishi and, if he does say so himself, it’s of very high quality.

My silent lunch was very good. The fish on my chirashi was a little colder than I like it, but it was indeed excellent. Nothing fancy, and very reasonably priced: For $11,  I got a generous portion of fish and rice, soup, salad and tea.

Sushi-Ichi is at 700 N. Country Rd. E., East Setauket, 631-689-3111.


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