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Emile's Candies

Emile's Candies is a very charming shop consisting of candy favorites -- creams, caramels, clusters, marshmallows, fudges and truffles.

Patrick Quinn, who started working at the store in 1980 and bought it in 1994, has changed virtually nothing since it was founded in 1954 by Emile Wageknecht, a German confectioner who had worked at Schrafft's.

Just beyond the selling floor is a packing room where candies are stored in galvanized steel canisters (they retain the cold better than their modern plastic counterparts) and, behind that, the kitchen, where caramel is cooked in huge copper kettles and fillings are mixed in a Hobart mixer so old that it doesn't have an automatic transmission -- you have to move the clutch to switch gears.

Downstairs is the chocolate enrober, a machine familiar to anyone who has seen the candy-making episode of " I Love Lucy." On a recent visit, the wire mesh conveyor belt -- where the naked (i.e. not yet enrobed) candies sit -- had broken, and employee Marcus Bermudes was doing hand repairs with a small pliers. For machines like this, you can't just call for parts.

For candies like this, you can't just buy Godiva.

--Erica Marcus