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Feed Me video: Fado in Huntington

Roasted cod is one of the entrees served

Roasted cod is one of the entrees served at Fado Portuguese restaurant in Huntington. (Dec. 19, 2010) Credit: Yana Paskova

"Fado" means "destiny or fate" in Portuguese. Alison and Eduardo Nobre know it was fate that they met, fell in love and had the same life goal: to open a Portuguese restaurant.

The two lovebirds combined their favorite recipes from family members and found the perfect location in Huntington to share their select dishes. Today, the restaurant, Fado, brings visitors a bit closer to the old country as they walk through the doors and through the evocative decor. Seafood lovers will find delight in the octopus salad, grilled sardines and grilled squid.

Host Meredith Daniels steps inside the kitchen to watch how their famous grilled calamari is made.

At 10 New St. in Huntington, Fado gives guests an informal, intimate experience. Patrons almost always have to wait for a seat in this tiny venue, but as many can attest to, it's worth the wait.