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Feed me video: Miraku in Great Neck

The sushi bar at Miraku in Great Neck

The sushi bar at Miraku in Great Neck Credit: Handout

To open a Japanese restaurant in Great Neck, where there are enough old sushi spots to deplete the new Fulton Fish Market, requires a combination of fearlessness and finesse. Miraku has both. The proprietors also own a fish wholesaler that specializes in high-end Asian varieties. That means that Miraku’s sushi bar has access to some fish rarely seen on Long Island. 

Inside Miraku, the Feed Me crew discovers a master head sushi chef and a modern Japanese-style tavern.

Videojournalsts: Chris Ware and Meredith Daniels

The site features a streamlined, bright stone-and-tile showcase, with a glittery backdrop for the illuminated sushi bar, striking lantern-style lighting and carved-wood booth dividers.

 Miraku is at 31 S. Middle Neck Rd., Great Neck, 516-466-6369.