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Feed Me video: Pita House in East Setauket

People dine at the Pita House in East

People dine at the Pita House in East Setauket. Credit: Newsday, 2009 / Thomas A. Ferrara

 "You go to a Turkish restaurant and they don't have red lentil soup? They're not Turkish!" Chef-owner Cafer Sahin is proud of his heritage and even prouder of his successful Eastern Mediterranean restaurant in East Setauket. When the Feed Me video crew stopped by, he was not shy about divulging the secrets of his famous gyros. Take a look inside the walls of the Pita House to see from start to finish how your favorite dishes are prepared.

 Videojournalists: Robert Cassidy and Meredith Daniels

"The food is always so fresh and it's very filling. I love it!" says Cheryl Likeness, who makes a special trip from West Islip to enjoy the food on a regular basis. She, along with other regulars, make the out-of-the-way trip to the restaurant in the Heritage Square office park, tucked far behind the Wild by Nature shopping center off of 25A. Though it may be difficult to find, you'll know it's worth it with just one bite of flaky baklava. 

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