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Feed Me video: Plattduetsche Park

Plattduetsche Park Restaurant Biergarten in Franklin Square is

Plattduetsche Park Restaurant Biergarten in Franklin Square is the largest beer garden on Long Island, with tables outside for food and beer, and dancing, often to live music. Credit: Bruce Gilbert, 2009

Hankering for a schnitzel? You don't have to travel far. Plattduetsche in Franklin Square is Long Island's place for those looking for authenic German food. This German-American restaurant has a traditional beer garden, bratwurst pit and even a dance floor to practice your polka. 

Matthew Buck, general manager of Plattduetsche, is proud of the German heritage. "The culture is known for its hospitality." However, he still likes to keep his customers on their toes. After reviving this spot in Nassau County more than five years ago, Buck decided to change the menu a bit. "We try to incorporate our German food into an international base ... for example we have an Asian schnitzel." Along with more schnitzels than you can raise a stein to, there are 11 German beers on tap, from a lager to a pilsner. 

Herbert Aigner, executive chef, invites the Feed Me crew into the kitchen to recreate the restaurant's most famous dish: the jagerschnitzel.

Videojournalsts: Chris Ware and Meredith Daniels


Plattduetsche is located at 1132 Hempstead Tpke. in Franklin Square. Guten Appetit!  

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