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6 things you didn’t know about burgers

Fun facts about burgers.

Fun facts about burgers. Photo Credit: Evan Sung

If you’re not yet craving a cheeseburger, you will after you read which chain makes the best one. Also check out our video on the winner, here.

As you head out to quell your craving, consider these facts from a 2014 study from Chicago-based CHD Expert:

1. Americans eat three hamburgers a week, collectively more than 40 billion burgers a year.

2. Roughly 60 percent of sandwiches sold are burgers, while 71 percent of all beef consumed in the United States is in the form of burgers.

3. More than 50,000 burger joints are located across the country.

4. McDonald’s purchases more than a billion pounds of beef a year in this country.

5. According to Huffington Post, of 1,000 readers polled, most preferred American cheese on their burgers, followed by Cheddar, other, Swiss and blue cheese.

6. Earlier this month, Environmental Health Perspectives released a study citing that fast food is a source of phthalates, a chemical that makes plastic and vinyl more flexible and can be found in soap, cosmetics, flooring and food packaging. CNN said fast food could contain the chemicals “because they are highly processed, packaged and often handled with plastic gloves.”

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