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Arrivederci La Capannina

La Capannina in Northport, now closed

La Capannina in Northport, now closed Photo Credit: Newsday / Joan Reminick

A Northport landmark is no more. La Capannina, which opened in 1974 and had a run of more than three decades, is now plastered with "for sale" signs.

Last year, after a hiatus of several months, the place reopened briefly. Newsday's Peter Gianotti visited and wrote: "La Capannina has returned as if from a vacation abroad, cuisine and ambience intact. This remains an Old World, old-fashioned dining room where you'll enjoy a familiar, leisurely meal and gracious service."

Years ago, my guy and I enjoyed such a meal in celebration our daughter's birth. First, a waiter prepared a Caesar salad on a rolling cart. Later, he tossed together the elements of spaghetti carbonara in a chafing dish. The grand finale of our tableside trifecta was flaming crepes Suzette. 

Restaurants die; memories remain.

Newsday photo / Joan Reminick

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