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Avast! Buccaneer Crab House sails into Freeport

Dining room at Buccaneer Crab House, Freeport

Dining room at Buccaneer Crab House, Freeport Photo Credit: Paul Grafman/Buccaneer Crab House

“Huge portions, crisis prices” is the motto of the new Buccaneer Crab House, which opened three months ago in Freeport. Chef Paul Grafman, a recent graduate of the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan, co-owns the place with his parents.

Some of Grafman's specialties? Fish “in a bag” (steamed in parchment paper with white wine, tomato compote and mushrooms), crab cakes made of  “just crab meat” and chicken vin rouge (poached in red wine with garlic and butter).

Grafman said that virtually everything is made in house, including barbecue sauce. For dessert, he’s making bread pudding and brownies but bringing in gelato.

Currently, the restaurant is featuring a 1 to 1-1/4 pound lobster for $13.95. Also, on Thursday night, there's a $19.95 "all you can eat" special on blue claw crab (done Maryland style, Louisiana boil and butter- and garlic-sauteed).

On paper, everything about the restaurant sounds good. Except, of course, the name. Buccaneer? Arrrr!

Buccaneer Crab House is at 108 W. Merrick Rd., Freeport, 516-442-1151.

The dining room at Buccaneer Crab House / Photo by Paul Grafman

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