Feed Me

The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

I never know whether to cringe or listen up when dining companions start grilling the servers about what's in the food. Everybody seems half crazed these days about butter, salt, corn syrup, gluten, frying oil.  Part of me thinks they should just stay home and make some oatmeal for dinner.

Nevertheless, the woman serving us the other night at Cedar Creek in Glen Cove seemed primed to answer the ingredient questions. In fact, by the time she finished telling us what wasn't in the food, I feared (wrongly) that steamed broccoli might be the only thing to eat.

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I aimed for middle ground and ordered the crispy tuna with wakame, cold soba noodles, shishito peppers and  lime-cilantro ponzu ($26.)  Presented lightly seared in rice wrappers, the little orbs of tuna were rare and tender, requiring only one cut to divide them into mouth-sized pieces. The wakame and noodles were in a bath of salt, however, leading me to think that there just may be a cloudy haze around the “what's in that''  query.

Under the same ownership as the Mim's restaurants in Roslyn Heights and Syosset, Cedar Creek has a section of its menu called “Simply Done,'' clearly designed to appease  the obsessive dieting public. Served with one side, entrees offer a choice between pan-seared or grilled organic Scottish salmon ($21),  branzino ($22)  sea scallops ($26), Berkshire pork chops ($21) prime NY sirloin ($27), filet mignon ($30) or lamb chops ($30).

Knowing your audience is nine-tenths of the law.

Cedar Creek is at 75 Cedar Swamp Rd., Glen Cove, 516-656-5656, cedarcreekLI.com

Above: Crispy tuna with wakame, cold soba noodles and shishito peppers