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Christiano's, Billy Joel's song inspiration, to close

Christiano's in Syosset is thought to be the

Christiano's in Syosset is thought to be the inspiration for a Billy Joel song. Photo Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

UPDATE: Chistiano's gets reprieve. Read the update here.

There will be no more bottle of red or bottle of white for Brenda and Eddie at Christiano’s Italian Restaurant in Syosset. The house of parms and pastas, for decades debated to be the inspiration for Billy Joel’s mega-hit “Scenes From an Italian Restaurant,” is now owned by the Singh Hospitality Group, which plans to close and reinvent it.

Chief executive Harendra Singh said he has signed on chef-restaurateur Tom Schaudel — of Jewel in Melville and Coolfish in Syosset — as a consultant whose job is to develop a whole new concept.

“Right now, we’re operating as Christiano’s,” Singh said, but once Schaudel’s plans have been finalized, “we are going to close down for a little while.” When the place reopens, it will not be called Christiano’s. “Of that much, I’m definitely sure,” said Singh.

Schaudel said he is still mulling over ideas. “It's not going to be an Italian restaurant, but I’m not exactly sure what it’s going to be,” he said, adding that he will be meeting with designers in the next week or so.

Neither Singh nor Schaudel is waxing romantic over all the Billy Joel memorabilia in the house. “It’s 40 years ago already,” said Schaudel.

Christiano's is at 19 Ira Rd., Syosset, 516-921-5588.

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