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East Hampton: Beer 'n cheese @ N&T's

Farmingdale, New York; Tuesday Sept. 18, 2007: Black

Farmingdale, New York; Tuesday Sept. 18, 2007: Black Forest Brew Haus is where Black Forest Oktoberfest an old celebration for he wedding of Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese, is being held and these are some of the beers that will be available at the fest. Black Forest Pilsner, Black Forest Amber, Hefe-weizen, of course the Black Forest Oktoberfest it self and the Black Forest Schwarzbier (black beer). Newsday/ J. Conrad Williams Jr. Photo Credit: /Newsday/ J Conrad Williams Jr

When you think about Nick & Toni's, the Hamptons' celebrity canteen, the association usually is fine Italianate food and wine.

But on May 13, the restaurant hosts a beer-and-cheese tasting. No, this isn't a tribute to Bud Light and Velveeta. The cheese selection comes from Lucy's Whey in East Hampton, and the brews from McNeill's Brewery in Vermont,  known for its ales; Leelanau from Michigan; and the local Fire Island Brewing Co.

The tasting goes from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Cost: $25. Nick & Toni's also will take 15 percent off your meal tab if you stay for dinner.

Nick & Toni's is at 136 N. Main St., East Hampton; 631-324-3550.

Ready to taste ... Newsday photo / J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

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