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Francesco's of Huntington gets a new name

July 11, 2009; Huntington, NY: Victor Jara prepares

July 11, 2009; Huntington, NY: Victor Jara prepares food at Francesco's in Huntington; a family friendly outdoor eatery serving up big portions of classic Italian-American street fare. Photo Credit: Photo by Danielle Finkelstein

Street food pros Gary and Angela D'Angelo may arguably make the best sausage and pepper heros in town, but they had a problem finding the right name for their Huntington Station food stand. The place (which has plastic-enclosed seating with space heaters for winter) opened last year as the generic-sounding Francesco's of New York.

It wasn't a name that people could really remember, according to Gary D'Angelo, who just informed me that they are now calling the place D'Angelo's Sausage & Pepper House.

It's a name I can live with, having eaten those sausage and peppers.  Just the mention of the dish gets me hungry. Still, the changeover fails to take in some of the other guilty pleasures offered: drippy-delicious Philly cheesesteak sandwiches and a big garlicky frankfurter that can be ordered  deep-fried with peppers, onions and potatoes.

The D'Angelo family's hot dogs (also featured on their two Queens food trucks) made it onto "Top Chef" in a Quickfire challenge, where they served to exemplify the Big Apple's best.

D’Angelo’s Sausage & Pepper House (fka Francesco’s of New York) is at
918 E. Jericho Tpke., Huntington Station, 631-424-0653.

July, 2009 Newsday Photo/Danielle Finkelstein

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