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Glen Cove: Wild Harvest, Cove Star close

The reaper claimed Wild Harvest on New Year's Day. And Cove Star, the latest occupant of a site that hosted many Asian restaurants, also is shuttered.

Visitors expecting to find the "rustic American"  Wild Harvest still serving its savory country fare now see a  banner proclaiming: Coming Soon Big Apple BBQ February 2010." Will advise. Wild Harvest,  an offshoot of Oyster Bay's Wild Honey, was a colorful spot, which kept the lodge-like decor of its predecessor, Adirondack Grill. And early on, the joint excelled with southern-accented food.

Cove Star succeeded restaurants such as Eva's Lantern and, best known, Golden Woks, at the pagoda-marked Cottage Row corner. The restaurant had a broad Asian menu. The standout dish was a one-course version of Beijing duck. Now, there's just a for-sale sign at the abandoned building.

Beijing duck at Cove Star / Newsday photo by Ari Mintz

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