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Hewlett storefront eats

Xaga in Hewlett

Xaga in Hewlett Photo Credit: Joan Reminick

In my travels in the Five Towns area, I came across two storefront restaurants that may be worth checking out in the future.

I first poked my head into Xaga, a diminutive but attractive sushi and Asian fusion place done in bright neons and shiny black surfaces. The friendly host was glad to hand me a menu, which revealed such dishes as crispy ginger duck and Thai curry chicken. On the roster of maki creations were a “passion roll” made with yellowtail, cucumber and avocado and a “Northport roll” made with eel, king crab, avocado, mango and mango salad. Wait a minute, Northport? Turns out that sushi chef Louis Ling previously rolled raw fish at Yokohama in East Northport.

A couple of doors down was the 6-month-old Nikkos, an informal (but colorful) Greek place with seating at both booths and tables. In addition to lunch and dinner, Nikkos serves breakfast (I'm intrigued by the “Joe the waiter’s quesadilla” made with Romanian skirt steak, eggs and Cheddar). On the lunch and dinner roster are the usual Greek items — gyro, falafel, spanakopita, moussaka and grilled lamb chops. Nikkos is attached to Patano’s, a pizzeria next door.

Xaga is at 1326 Broadway, Hewlett, 516-295-4137,
Nikkos is at 1310 Broadway, Hewlett, 516-569-2654,

Newsday Photo / Joan Reminick

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