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Hicksville: Specials at Luigi Q

Outside Luigi Q in Hicksville.

Outside Luigi Q in Hicksville. Photo Credit: Bruce Gilbert

Luigi Quarta’s regular customers know that some of his restaurant’s most exciting offerings appear only on the specials menu.

Tonight, for example, Luigi Q is offering rognone alla Piemontese (Piedmont-style kidneys) braised in red wine and served with Gorgonzola polenta ($12.95 for appetizer, $26.95 for main).

Tomorrow you’ll still be able to get the kidneys, and you can follow them up with rib chops … of wild boar, which are roasted with white wine and golden raisins, finished with truffle butter and served with red Swiss chard ($31.95). “They’re a little bit smaller than pork chops,” Quarto said. “It’s a beautiful dish.”

Venison meatballs “to die for” will be on the menu all week. They are sauced with a very light tomato sauce “on the spicy side” and you can have them for an appetizer for $11.95 or as a main course, over your choice of pasta, for $25.95.

Luigi Q is located at 400 S. Oyster Bay Rd., Hicksville, 516-932-7450.

Newsday Photo / Bruce Gilbert

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