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Huntington: raw, then spicy

Chirashi at Bonbori, Huntington

Chirashi at Bonbori, Huntington

Seems like eons since I’ve had the kind of chirashi I found the other night at Bonbori in Huntington, a restaurant serving both Japanese and Thai cuisine.

The chirashi before me was one gorgeous bowl of raw seafood: a rainbow of finfish along with some positively sumptuous uni (sea urchin), ikura (globes of red-orange salmon roe) and squid wrapped around asparagus spears. None of that kani (artificial crab) or cooked shrimp that brings down the level of most LI chirashi bowls.

Another knockout dish: Thai mango red curry with chicken. It was requested super-spicy and was that. Yet, at the same time, it managed to be rife with intriguing subtleties of flavor.

So, who is this talented sushi chef?  Iwan Khrtiwan hails from Indonesia. The chef who made the Thai curry,  Surapong Tankrongsil, is Thai.

Bonbori is at 14 Elm St., Huntington, 631-673-0400

 Newsday Photo of chirashi at Bonbori/Joan Reminick

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