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Keep track of your favorite restaurants

My Favorites, a new feature available on

My Favorites, a new feature available on Photo Credit: Screen grab

Do you have a million restaurants you'd like to try but can't remember their names? Or what dishes were recommended? A new feature on lets you create a personalized playlist in just a few easy steps:

START: Click on "myFavorites" in the exploreLI navigation (at the top, on the right) to create a list.

SEARCH: Find local restaurants that you want to try and add them to your list.

RATE: "I heard the wings are awesome." "Great place to take a date." Add your own comments and ratings to each item on your list.

SHARE: Post your list on Facebook and Twitter and e-mail to friends.

MAP IT: Map and print directions to every restaurant.

Here is a link to help, too:

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