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Lake Grove: Burger rewards

Tomorrow, Saturday May 1, Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace is launching a loyalty program wherein the holder of the attractive silver-colored card gets a point for every dollar spent. When you’ve earned 100 points, you get a free burger, salad or grilled-cheese sandwich. Details on the program—and a mechanism for tracking your “point balance”—can be found here.

But wait, there’s more: on future visits to his eponymous restaurants, Flay himself will be handing out black “Bobby Flay BOM cards” to whichever customers happen to be there at the time. These black cards will be redeemable for a free “burger of the month.” For the record, April’s BOM is the Caesar Burger, garnished with Caesar mayo, romaine hearts, Parmesan and black pepper. Check back here tomorrow for May’s BOM.

Bobby’s Burger Palace is at 355 Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove, 631-382-9590

Bobby Flay at Bobby's Burger Palace in Lake Grove. Newsday photo / Alejandra Villa

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