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Masa Asian Cuisine in Babylon offers sushi burritos

On Thursday, March 24, 2016, Masa Asian Cuisine in Babylon showed off Long Island's newest food trend - the sushi burrito. Take a look at how this delicious treat is made! (Credit: Newsday / Chris Ware)

The sushi burrito has landed at Masa Asian Cuisine, a Babylon restaurant that may be one of the first Long Island restaurants to serve the overstuffed oddity.

If you’re wondering what a sushi burrito is, it’s a freaky hybrid of the Mexi-Cali burrito combined with the cone-shaped Japanese hand roll called a temaki. Instead of a flour tortilla, the sushi burrito is wrapped in either the nori (dried seaweed) used for sushi rolls or soybean paper. Packed to overflowing, it is rolled and folded like a burrito.

“I love burritos,” said Danny Yeh, manager of Masa. When a friend suggested he make a sushi burrito, he was all over it like white on rice.

The result is a $12 sushi burrito filled with seasoned rice, spicy tuna, raw salmon, avocado and sesame seeds. It’s served with a side of sriracha-Kewpie mayo dipping sauce. Diners can also make their own version, with the guidance of a server.

How did the sushi burrito get here? People first got wind of it in California, with the opening of Sushirrito, Peter Yen’s trademarked, fast-casual spot that opened in San Francisco in 2011.

The concept picked up momentum, with versions making their way to New York City.

Uma Temakeria opened in Greenwich Village last year, from an alum of Morimoto. Its menu is based on temaki as well as three versions of the sushi burrito —packed to the point of absurdity with raw fish, vegetables, condiments and seasoned rice. Uma Temakeria has since opened a second location in Gotham West Market.

Pokeworks, which opened in December in midtown, is also pushing the trend. This place bases its menu on Hawaiian poke — raw fish seasoned with sesame oil, soy, chili and other variables — available as a bowl and as a burrito. The Pokiritto starts with poke and allows for choose-your-own mix-ins, seasonings, veggies and crunch.

You can head to Manhattan to wait in very long lines at these spots or you can get your very own in Babylon, with minimal travel time and less aggravation.

Masa Asian Cuisine is located at 94 Deer Park Ave., Babylon, 631-620-3558.

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