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McDonald’s to sell chocolate-covered fries in Japan

McDonald's Japanese chocolate-topped fries, called McChoco Potatoes.

McDonald's Japanese chocolate-topped fries, called McChoco Potatoes. Photo Credit: McDonald’s

In a move that could upend foreign relations as well as a few appetites, McDonald’s plans to sell French fries with chocolate toppings in Japan.

Don’t expect this combo of two of the world’s most popular foods to be at U.S. branches of the fast-food company anytime soon. In Japan, it’s expected to be a limited-time-only trial.

The new product, dubbed McChoco Potatoes, is slated to be unveiled there Tuesday. The fries will be drizzled with two toppings, one flavored with cacao and the other just white chocolate. The company says that this next wave of spud creations “has a wonderfully salty and sweet harmonious taste.”

The price is Japan is expected to be about $2.80, or an addition of 50 cents to the basic order of fries.

There’s no immediate news about the calorie count and the healthfulness of the new spud-as-dessert item.

But you can try to make your own at home and report back.

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