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Mineola: Gilding garlic knots and more

Nonna's Stuffed Garlic Knot served on a plate

Nonna's Stuffed Garlic Knot served on a plate from Giaccone's Pizzeria in Mineola. Newsday Photo/ Peter Gianotti Photo Credit: Newsday/Peter Gianotti

So, let's say you have a date in criminal court.

No -- make that a big appetite and you happen to be in Mineola, near the Nassau County Courthouse.

Accordingly: Welcome to Giaccone's Pizzeria & Restaurant, which specializes in all the basics and a lot more. The little spot delivers no-nonsense pizza -- and some that contain nonsense, too. But the eatery's tasty expansion of a concept is dubbed Nonna's Stuffed Knots.

These are ample garlic knots, the staple of so many pizzerias, stuffed with either eggplant or chicken Parmigiana. The contents are good and so are the knots. It's as if the small-plate and slider trendlets have found a new niche. Anyway, Nonna would enjoy these flavor-packed mini-sandwiches. The "unusual sandwich department" has combinations that include "A Guilty Plea" (fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, tomatoes, mesclun, caramelized walnuts, balsamic vinaigrette); and "The Verdict" (fried chicken cutlet, housemade pesto, sun-dried tomatoes).

Giaccone's also prepares very good Sicilian pizza and more modest Neapolitan. The curious and the carb-deprived can sample a slice topped with rigatoni alla vodka. The carnivorous can choose the Buffalo-chicken, Philly cheesesteak, and, yes, chicken Parmigiana. Lots of pastas, main dishes, panini, calzones, rolls, burgers, wraps, salads, soups, too. No one leaves Giaccone's hungry.

Giaccone's is at 124 Old Country Rd. (at Willis Avenue), Mineola; 516-877-7790.


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