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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

The run for the roses is equalled only by the bolt for the bourbon.

The 140th Kentucky Derby flashes its two minutes of glory Saturday at Churchill Downs. Accordingly, many mint juleps will be consumed in silver cups. Almost as important, California Chrome is the 9-5 favorite.

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Making a mint julep isn't as difficult, for example, as Harry's Holiday (43-1) winning the race. Just use the finest bourbon within reach, have enough mint leaves, and don't forget the simple syrup.

Herewith, a recipe for the festive drink, from "The PDT Cocktail Book" by Jim Meehan, that  refers to an 1862 rendition.


1. Muddle eight mint leaves and one-half ounce of simple syrup in a chilled julep cup.

2. Add 2.5 ounces of Booker's Bourbon and top with pebble ice

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3. Swizzle, then top with more pebble ice

4. Garnish with three mint sprigs

Sometimes, an irreverent mixologist adds a cherry.