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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

Long Island has scores of reasons to celebrate National Beer Day on Tuesday.

Most are on tap, some in bottles.

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If you're going to celebrate the glories of beer, you should sample a local brew. It's like enjoying Anchor Steam in San Francisco or Rogue Dead Guy Ale in Portland.

They're all not available everywhere. Stores such as Superstar Beverage, at various locations including Huntington; Shoreline Beverage in Huntington; and Bellport Cold Beer & Soda, have more than a taste. And you can visit the breweries, too.

Among the more available and very good are Great South Bay Brewery's Blood Orange Ale and Massive IPA from Bay Shore; Southampton Publick House's Double White and Burton India Pale Ale; Greenport Harbor's Black Duck Porter; Long Ireland's Celtic Ale from Riverhead; and anything you spot from Barrier Brewing in Oceanside.

These are just the starters. Party on.