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New: Freeport Colombian

Streamers outside the new Colombia Tierra Querida in Freeport first caught my attention. Hm, Colombian food. Does that mean great rotisserie chicken? Usually.  Enticed by that prospect,  I ventured in with a hearty appetite.

The chicken (only $8 for a gorgeously bronzed, marinated juicy whole bird) didn’t let me down. Unfortunately, most everything else did. A mixed meat combination platter – ribs, chorizo, pork cracklings, steak and green plantain – turned out to be a heap of overcooked food straight out of the deep fryer. Pork chops with tomato onion sauce was lackluster, a seafood casserole (containing shrimp, clams and mussels) fishy and off-tasting.

Good flan, though

Colombia Tierra Querida is at 55 Sunrise Hwy., Freeport, 516-665-3104.


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