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Plainview: Red Fish Grille

Korean BBQ shortribs at Red Fish Grille in

Korean BBQ shortribs at Red Fish Grille in Plainview Photo Credit: Erica Marcus

I dined at Red Fish Grille for the first time earlier this week. It already had proximity to Trader Joe’s going for it, and now I can add good food and service.

I started with a “tower of tuna tartar” that was really more of a low-rise edifice, the first two floors of which were occupied by roughly chopped raw tuna, the topmost floor a creamy guacamole. The roof supported a fried wonton skin. I wish the tuna had been more lightly (and far less sweetly) dressed, but it was fresh and satisfying.

I didn’t mind the sweetness in my second course, another appetizer. These Korean BBQ shortribs were glazed with a darkly sweet sauce and surmounted by a tangle of fried onion rings. The meat would have been even more tender had it been reheated more carefully, but it was delicious nonetheless. I only wish that it had been served on or with some white rice so that I could have gotten every last bit of the sauce.

Red Fish Grille is at 430 Woodbury Rd., Plainview, 516-932-8460.

Newsday photo / Erica Marcus

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