Chawlas 2, we hardly knew ye.

The Indian import that opened last September in Hicksville, has closed. Founded in 1960 in the Northern Indian state of Punjab, the restaurant chain’s signature dish, cream chicken, was, according to the website, “delicately flavoured with black pepper and green cardamom” and “born to live forever.”

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Well, not at 70 Broadway, it wasn’t.

An even more intriguing concept is taking over the location: Raju’s Egg & Veg, an American offshoot of Raju Omlet, founded by Rajesh Bhogilal Rana in Vadodara in the Western Indian state of Gujarat. “Rajubhai” as he is familiarly known, “started Raju Omlet selling egg delicacies from his small handcart. Now, his dishes are adored by fans around the world with locations from Dubai to Melbourne.”

We’ll keep you posted.