Feed Me

The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

Here it is: a call to patriotism in very good taste. It's the flavor of the week at Snowflake in Riverhead. The red is cherries; the white, vanilla ice cream; the blue, well, you can tell. Continue the fireworks with "red, white and blueberry."

Jefferson and Hamilton would debate it. Franklin might tinker with the ingredients. Adams would theorize. Madison would seek balance. But Washington would love it as is. This is one great ice cream cone, waffle variety. Dive in.

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Besides, for now the availability of red, white and blueberry  eliminates the decisionmaking dilemma that swirls around choosing among regular flavors such as black raspberry and banana split, creamsicle and French vanilla, banana split and peach.

Snowflake Ice Cream Shoppe, as it's known in full, is at 1148 W. Main St., Riverhead; 631-727-4394.