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Sandwiched at Bistro Cassis in Huntington

Sandwich de poulet grille, Bistro Cassis, Huntington

Sandwich de poulet grille, Bistro Cassis, Huntington Photo Credit: Joan Reminick

Whoever said that Monday is a slow restaurant night wasn't at Bistro Cassis in Huntington last night. The place was packed elbow-to-elbow, a virtual line out the door. And the prices none too cheap, either.

I was digging into the macaroni and cheese. My companion, who wasn’t in the mood for anything heavy, decided upon a grilled chicken sandwich (sandwich de poulet grille), eschewing the fries that come with the dish in favor of salad.

This sandwich met the first prerequisite of a winner: good bread. The baguette it was made on was crusty and fresh, thin enough to fit easily in the mouth. The chicken, thin but still juicy, was layered with bacon, grilled red onion and avocado, daubed with a little chipotle aioli. At $15, it wasn’t the bargain of the century, but it was a really good sandwich.

Bistro Cassis is at 55 B Wall St., Huntington, 631-421-4122,

Newsday photo of grilled chicken sandwich/Joan Reminick


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